Greetings for a great Golden Rat Year

According to the Lunar Calender, 2020 is the year of the rat. It is also the year Artribuild will kickstart her virgin entrepreneur journey.

Artribuild is a one-person endeavour to encourage the use of art-creation as a therapeutic way to de-stress and empower.

Art has been a part of my life ever since I can remember and has always been a form of leisure and escapism for me – even if I didn’t realise it. Creating has always been so instinctive to me that I never realise how intimidating it can be to others. Some of these people may have been told their entire lives that they are horrible at drawing and should never attempt it. Any tiny form of interest they’ve mustered is ruthlessly mocked and dismissed.

Artribuild is here to tell you that you can do Art. Everyone can and should make Art .

Art does not always have to please.

Art was born to communicate and it exist because we desire to participate, in it. Even if the outcome was undesirable, the process of putting paint to paper and creating something out of almost nothing is a worthwhile experience. Our society has cultivated a fear of failure in us that cripple our passion and destroy more dreams than failure itself ever has. At least on paper, let us be brave.

At least on paper, let us be brave.

The rat has never been associated with anything positive and mighty but 2020 feels like such a special year already. The number 2020 is also commonly associated with a perfect vision so I am encouraged to think this year will be a year of perfection where we can see hope in its’ clearest form. I believe it will be a year of progressive change and joy if we stay focused on what matters the most to us.

I hereby wish you and all your loved ones a great Lunar New Year. May 2020 be a year of perfection for everyone and may peace be upon the world.