Top 10 things to do in a Lockdown

With the ever growing pandemic of the Novel Corona Virus, everyone is encouraged to stay indoors to keep our community safe. However, staying indoor and watching all the negative global news can be exhausting and stressful.

However, what needs to be done has to be done. So instead of mopping around feeling upset, let’s use our time to improve our environment and give ourselves a chance to do something we otherwise would never have the chance to. Here is my top 10 list of recommended activities to try out in the comfort of your own home.

1) De-clutter the house. There is no better time to de-clutter the house than now. We all know how painfully long it takes to go through just a wardrobe of clothes so imagine the amount of time you can kill if you de-clutter the entire house. Before you begin, be honest with yourself and set an objective for this de-clutter. Are you de-cluttering to make more space or are you doing so to organise your living space and make accessing items efficient? Your objective will guide your decision making in the de-cluttering process. Also make sure you break down the tasks into areas so you don’t end up overwhelming and stressing yourself out. Given the luxury of time you have now, we’re even giving you permission to browse through your stuffs sentimentally and see if you can sift out the gold within them.

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

2) Deep clean the house. If you de-cluttered your space as suggested in point one , I’m sure all that moving around exposed a lot of dust and dirt that cannot be left lying around. Take the opportunity to deep clean all the nooks and crannies you usually cannot access and look forward to sleeping in a space that is cleaner than it’s ever been. 

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

3) Upcycle the stuffs you’ve sorted out. Now that you’ve sorted your stuffs out and decided which stuffs should be recycled and which should go to the bin.  Not every item we put in the recycling bin can be recycled and experts say that recycling really should be our last step. So it’s time to find the jems that can be upcycled and give these babies a second chance. Here are some online tutorials we found that have great ideas on upcycling with little skill requirement 

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

4) Try a new recipe or an old recipe with a new twist. I like what Jordan Page from FunFreeorCheap say – “Shelf Cooking”.  Shelf cooking means to throw together ingredienfs you already own in your pantry and learning to make do with what you have. Not only does this cut down on wastage ( how many of us have cheese from god-knows-when in our fridge?) It also encourages us to be creative. That said, you macan also try making your favourite recipes in a different way. I know a lot of chefs disdain the common microwave but it really is a nifty equipment that you can use to cook almost everything except maybe grills. Here are some fun microwave recipes we’ve found online that you might enjoy. 

Learn to make some Microwave mains with these 24 microwave recipes
And the adventure doesn’t just end here! End your meal on a sugar high with these Microwave mug recipes that covers both sweet and savoury flavours.

5) Exercise . Exercise is one of those  activities that you can do in the comfort of your home. Keeping your body and mind healthy is essential in this difficult time so try to maintain your physical health with some online exercise videos. Not only are they completely free , you also don’t have to worry about being seen wearing the wrong clothes or doing the wrong moves. Substitute weights with water bottles and use your furniture as support. 

Photo by Valeria Ushakova from Pexels

6) Read a book. This self quarantine period is a great time to keep up with your reading list and finally finish that book you’ve been holding off or re-read the classics you’ve been treasuring since your teenage years. 

If you are a Singaporean, you can download the free National Library Mobile App that allows you to borrow a wide variety of e-books and audiobooks completely free.

7) Pick up a new skill. With so much more time alone and hopefully, lesser distraction , it’s time to pick up that new skill you’ve been wanting to learn. Be it a new language or learning how to paint , all these lessons can be found online and most of them are free.

Learning something entirely new can be daunting so I recommend you set up small milestones for yourself to keep your learning on track and avoid discouragement . By taking baby steps to accomplishing your goal , you avoid burn out and have a tangible goal to look forward to .

Paint with your daily joe! Yes, coffee can be used to paint too! Now you can start painting without needing to buy any new tools or materials. Just use what you have at home.
Japanesepod101 is a Youtube channel with 24hrs streaming of lessons

8)  Organise your online accounts.  Sign up for digital accounts to make your monthly bills paying more efficient. Forgot your password?  Time to reset it now and have it tugged away digitally somewhere. With so many services being shifted to the digital space, different accounts and apps for different needs can quickly overwhelm us. Use this downtime to sort out all your digital accounts and note down any special instructions if necessary. For example , I use the service of a funds management company and a funds rebalancing exercise happens every couple of months that requires the customer to login and authorise the trade. It is always a dreadful process as there are steps to go through that I always forget and have to re-learn every couple of months. Now I store my account informations on a cloud-based storage system ( I use Evernote but you can also use Google drive , dropbox or just your email accounts ) and search for them when I need. Becareful not to store your password in plain text though as they will be susceptible to hackers. I recommend you either make a cryptic reminder to remind you of your passwords or set up some sort of decryption formula that only you know. 


9) Grow a plant. Remember that beansprout growing project we all did in primary school? Time to bring that back and hammer things to the next level! Do you know that a lot of the vegetable scraps we discard can actually be grown into a new plant ? Not only will this project be fascinating, it is also mostly free and the fruits of your labour (pun intended haha) will literally pay for itself. Here are some common vegetables that we can grow with minimal investments or time. 

10 ) Catch up with a friend(s) virtually. Probably a given since everyone is so used to connecting virtually but I still think it is essential to include it in this list as loneliness is an epidemic that has plagued our planet for decades. You don’t need any fancy equipment to video call a friend, just your usual Whatsapp, Facebook Messager App or Facetime is sufficient. There are even AR games embedded in Facebook messenger that eveyone in the conference can play together.

Facebook Messenger even has build in AR games!

Facebook Messenger App allows for multi-video conferencing to happen. I have even tried playing Heads Up with my friends via video conferencing.

If you require more advanced feature for work related purpose you and your team can also consider Zoom. The service is free with a paid option.

I hope you enjoyed the list of activities I have gathered for you. If you have any suggestions on what might be an even better activity to do at home in this quarantine period, leave us a commetn and let us know. Stay safe, everyone!