Last 12 Days of Lockdown (Circuit Breaker) – 12 free photographs

As I pen this post, it has already been 44 days since Singapore went into a semi shutdown (we call it a circuit breaker here). Everyone has to stay at home and work from home now. Train and bus services are reduced, physical distancing are enforced and everyone needs to have a face-mask on if they are outside.

I have to admit, this COVID19 pandemic is growing bigger and more dangerous than I initially expected. I had initially thought it would be contained within a few months but as more and more data came out, it became clear that life will not be same for at least a year or more.

But I digressed. I’m not here to spread doom, I’m here to spread love and Art – a love for Arts!

In the last 12 days until the reopening of Singapore, Artribuild will post anticipatory and celebratory posts to document my journal in this monumental and arguably, hardest period in the history of Singapore’s founding. Accompanied with my journalistic attempts will be assorted forms of resources or inspirations to help you on your artistic journey.

To kick off the first days of the 12, Artribuild will be sharing 12 photographs of Singapore taken before and after the circuit breaker started. You can use these 12 photographs freely for your personal painting purposes, no credit is required though greatly appreciated *puppy eye*.

I became inspired to share some “stock” photographs when I came upon an artist block myself recently. Ever since the circuit breaker started, I’ve been painting almost everyday and sometimes multiple pieces per day. Sometimes it works out really well and I’m on a creative high but other days can feel like I’ve crashed landed on Mars.

I was especially frustrated a few nights ago. I had wasted the whole day idling or busying myself with menial tasks and ended up having really little time to paint. To make matters worse, when I finally dropped everything, filled up my water buckets and sat down to paint – I just sat and stare blankly. I had no idea what to draw!

I wasted even more time scrolling through my phone and feed trying to find inspiration for something fun and easy to paint. And I eventually settled on the easiest and most peaceful photograph of this lot here ; the picture of the blue sky and sea with a yellow floating device.

I was also inspired to share these photographs by the multiple artists on instagram challenging other people to #drawitinyourstyle with photo examples or prompts. In times like these, we need to band together to encourage and cheer each other on!

The photographs are not professional grade but they are part of my memories of Singapore. I hate to admit but it took me nearly an hour trying to select just 12 photographs! I chose to include 2 photographs that were taken during the Circuit breaker (notice the warning tapes) as a way to remember the invisible enemy that brought the world to a halt. I don’t know why the virus exists but I would like to use this period to rest and grow. What do you think ?


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