Last 11 Days of Lockdown (Circuit Breaker) – 11 Local Artists To Follow

Following the series we kick started yesterday, we are now at day 11 of our #Last12DaysOfCB ! This series of blog posts accompanied with resources or spotlights are designed to commemorate the last 12 days of Singapore’s fight against the Novel Corona Virus – the pandemic that swept across half the globe and halted cities.

For day 11th of this series, we throw the spotlight on 11 Singaporean artists with fun and amazing styles. Creativity have no boundaries and I believe Singapore needs more “Art workers ” to breath more life into this area of her home.

With only 11 spots to fill and a sea of talented Singaporean artists to choose from, a lot of care and time were taken to ensure a variety of crafts and styles were included. I apologise in advance if my list missed out or is not in alignment with your expectation – I assure you that I follow way more than just 11 artists myself. I also encourage you to check out the artists on their original website or Instagram and explore the breath of their talent because I sure as heck was not able to capture it with just one instagram post per artists.

If you have any favourite artists you would like to recommend, comment below or give us a shoutout on our instagram (@Artribuild) !

Without further ado, let’s begin!


@IG: Aidaville

An experienced Art Educator in Singapore, Aida is a mixed media artists that first found her fame in collage and journaling. But being as talented as she is, Aida also showcases her works with a myriad of medium such as sketching, watercolour, paper crafts and decoupage.


@IG: Artcrop

Going by the handle Artcrop is a 23 years old Singaporean fresh out of NS (National Service) and great at painting miniature architectural buildings, portraits, botanicals and pretty much … anything he fancies. The consistent theme though, is his fondness for miniatures. One can only imagine the amount of focus and precision it requires to draw so detailed so small.


@IG: EstherPeck

Esther Peck graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. She has held various positions in the Art industry such as an Assistant Art Director to a freelance graphic designer. She is best known for her intricate watercolour florals and has published 2 watercolour books till date. Esther is an extremely hardworking watercolourist / Artist who can almost always be found in her studio painting if her schedule permits. There are few things she likes more than spending a leisurely afternoon painting her days away and her confident strokes attests to that. Esther makes painting looks effortless but don’t be fooled – it is talent and lots of practise at play here.

Esther currently teaches online courses in skillshare and teachable.


@IG: Evacomics

Evangeline is a comic artist who has lived and travelled in multiple countries and taken to highlighting the cultural difference in her Japanese styled comics. The comics are usually light-hearted but oh-so relatable. She has been drawing web comics since 2007 and has published 4 books featuring her friends, herself and her imaginary pets, affectionately called Matcha and Kopi.


@IG: Floofers

A random destressing account that turned serious is Flooflers – a delightful feed full of the internet’s favourite animal, cats! The artist behind the account is Yan, a lady who has a love-hate relationship with the world she lives in so she choses to focus on the thing she likes. Yan started drawing the cats with copic markers but have since moved on to drawing digitally on an iPad.

Many of her works are based on viral cat memes, videos or parodies and they can bring a smile to the hardest face instantly.


@IG: James.ek

James Lim is a self-proclaimed cafe sketcher and his medium of choice appears to be watercolour. His works which usually features subjects such as food and travel landscape tends to evoke an element of joy and vibrancy. His liberal use of bright colours with ink outlines is a pleasant a mix of semi-realism with traditional medium.

James have worked with many high profile corporate customers so you might have walked past some of them while getting your sugar fix.


@IG: Jazh.mine

Jasmine is an extremely hardworking artist and Art educator who’s passion for her art really shines. One only needs to follow her on instagram to know she churns extremely high quality artworks in really high frequency. Jasmine has a whimsical and fluid yet bold style in her art where she liberally mixes fantasy and mythological themes with goth.


@ IG: Haruko412

Mandy Kew is an artist most known for her detailed watercolour painting of favourite local cuisines. Being a foodie herself, it’s no wonder all sorts of yummy stuffs continues to find their way into her art despite the change in medium used. She dabbles in a range of traditional medium such as watercolour, gouache, inks and even embroidery. Her artwork utilises an assortment of bright pastel colours that probably reflects her femininity and dreamy tendencies.


@IG: nanditamukandstudio

Nandita Mukandi’s practice includes sculptures, installation and painting. Scrolling through her feed is a feast for the eyes and heart as she brings you into her world with her careful use of colours and textures. Her works are deeply philosophical and evokes as much answers as it questions. What I like best about her works is its’ ability to slow your tracks and be thoughtful.

The Silent Studio

@IG: TheSilentStudio
Deviantart: Moyan

Moyan is a Traditional and Digital Artists who has interest in a myriad of subjects – from Chinese painting and watercolour landscapes to cute Studio Ghibli characters. Her artworks shows her attention to details and her love for Chinese calligraphy.

The Wanderer by Moyan



Ummu Nabilah is a ceramic artist (Should I call her Potter? haha) and the talent behind Ummuramic tablewares. She grew a strong passion for ceramics during her days in NAFA. Ummu’s creations tends to follow a squiggly and organic theme that just screams handmade – and that’s exactly what she wants! She currently pursues this art as her full time job and fires the kiln (electric) in her home balcony.

Which is your favourite artist or style? Leave us a comment and let us know below!