Last 10 days of Lockdown (Circuit breaker) – 10 Local Charitable initiative

It’s been 2 days since we kickstarted the #last12daysofCB series and we are now at the last 10 days of the Circuit Breaker which the Singapore Government started in May 2020. While we all understand the pandemic will not end with the reopening of Singapore, let us celebrate whatever little successes we can as we pat our own shoulders for a job well done.

For day 10 of our #Last12daysofcb , we focus on 10 charitable initiatives or organisation in Singapore to follow and support.

While I was compiling this list, I occasionally had to take a moment to calm myself as I found myself touched to the core by the countless ground-up initiatives fellow Singaporeans have started; some even before the pandemic! Who said Singaporeans are aloof and keep to themselves? I am glad that during this crisis, we have proven ourselves to be a nation of loving people who cares about their community and want to contribute to a better tomorrow.

As with day 11 of the series where we focused on 11 Singaporean Artists to follow, day 10 was also a difficult task of selecting just 10 charities to focus on.

In this list we focus on 10 charitable initiatives from a variety of background and cause. Some of them might prefer cash donation while others might benefit just as well with donations in kind. Some of the initiatives below don’t even need any donations, it just requires our involvement and time!

Wewalk for SG

Date: 23 may – 31 may 2020

This social initiative hits all the right buttons! Not only can you stay healthy while you help a good cause , you can also show your appreciation and solidarity to the frontline workers too! Just sign up for this walk, download the necessary apps and then walk around your house to clock the steps and boom! You’re a rockstar 🙂 Funds raised will go to underprivileged children and vulnerable elderly.

From Me to You, Penpal with Seniors

Date: 1 Jun – 26 Jul 2020

opportunity image

At the same time, you will get the opportunity to learn more about dementia through short webinars through our partnership with the Dementia Connect project.

One of the side effects of the circuit breaker was the stopping of face-to-face befriending activities in many eldercare homes. They are after all, the most vulnerable group in this pandemic. To bridge that gap, the kind people at YCS Eldercare Cluster and Vanguard Healthcare decided to bring back an old-school way of making friends – be a penpal with a dementia senior.

While this is a bi-weekly commitment, themes and even toolkits will be given to help you on your befriending journey. Every other week, you will get to create your own crafts and letters based on the week’s theme to be mailed out to the seniors. Similarly, the seniors will get the opportunity to send you their letters and crafts biweekly.

In addition, webinars will be held 4 times throughout the 8 weeks of the project to facilitate discussion about dementia.

I am personally very pumped about this initiative and is already praying my penpal auntie or uncle will like my watercolour paintings!

Masks sewn with love


Masks sewn with love is a community project to sew reusable cloth masks for Singapore. The masks are sewn by volunteers all over singapore and will be distributed to the vulnerable groups in shelter and homes, cleaners and domestic helpers; including vulnerable kids and their families within the respective estates. This community project really exhibits the kampong spirit as different people donate their time, materials and skills to make this work. MSWL’s facebook page also have masks templates that you might find useful.

MSWL have also partnered with Singpost for this project so if you have sewn any reusable cloth masks, you can place them in an envelope addressed to “Masks Sewn with Love” and drop it off at your nearest posting box. Singpost will consolidate the masks and deliver.

Project Co-Knit with Love

Link: Project Co-Knit with Love

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Hot on the heels of this list is another lovely community project that was started by an everyday Singaporeans like you and me. The project was started after Ms Neo Su Yin’s malay colleague told her she had to visit the restroom to remove the surgical masks they wore under their tudung whenever they ate or drank. she decided to devise a convenient solution with her knitting needles and soon this community project was born.

This small knitted straps don’t just help our Malay friends, they can also ease the discomfort of essential workers who have to wear a mask for long hours – like our healthcare staff who wears masks throughout their shifts. If you can knit or crochet, feel free to join this movement to help make these mask straps as part of Project #CoKnitwithlove.

Music for a cause

Link: & Facebook
Date: 28th & 29th May 2020

While Music For A Clause is actually an annual music festival , it is still a great platform to generate awareness and raise funds for social causes while promoting music.

In view of the pandemic, the performance this year will be live-streamed via facebook. MFAC will be raising funds for 2 particular causes this year – #Fundagig and #Fundahawker . The gig industry is one of the hardest hit industry in this pandemic and funds raised will be used to fund the artistes involved to help them sustain their livelihood.

In partnership with Hawkers United, funds raised through this fundraising campaign will be used buy food and drinks from the local hawkers for distribuition to our Frontline workers. Food/drinks from #fundahawker will be distributed to our frontliners to thank them for their hard work, and helping Singaporeans in this challenging Covid 19 times.

2-Day (28 and 29 May 20) Digital Streaming of 2 x 2 hours of Streaming sessions each day featuring a total of 12 MFAC alumni artistes performing within their own homes.

Fundraising to Provide Free Healthy Meals for Migrant Workers in Singapore

Link: Deeda
Workshop Date: Sunday, 24 May at 3pm to 5pm via Zoom (Online)

This is a fundraiser to help raise funds to provide health meals for migrant workers in Singapore. But rather than just donating money (which is tax deductible for amount more than $10) , the organiser will also be conducting a vegan Cookies, Cupcakes and Crackers Baking Class on Sunday May 24.

Every $ raised in this event will be matched by Rotary Club of Marina City and donated to Kampung Senang (IPC) to provide meals to migrant workers. Minimum $15 per family, but you are welcome to donate more.

Kindness Mart


Kindness Mart is as easy to understand as it’s name – it is a Social Enterprise, Online Mart Filled With Kindness to aid the needy elderly and low income families.

Through the sale of groceries and basic necessities at their website, Kindness Mart supports and aids the physically and mentally challenged, the elderly, the low-income families, and other needy individuals who are in need of help through the proceeds they generate.

Just by simply shopping at Kindness Mart, we can all support these causes without the need to make additional donation. Giving back has never been easier.

New Hope for Community Service (NHCS)

Link: &

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New Hope Community Services (NHCS) is a charity organisation motivated by the love of God and the conviction that His church must stay relevant to the needs of the community.

NCHS serves a wide range of social needs and strive to reach out to everyone that needs help. Their core services includes providing shelter and hope for displaced families and providing employment opportunities for the homeless and marginalised. They are also conducting an online Nagomi class this sunday in collaboration with Art Peace – Pastel Nagomi Art & Flower of Crystal .

For $20 donation and above, you will be entitled to join a Nagomi Art class via zoom conducted by artist Audrey Ng and Gina Lim.

Be Kind SG

Link: & facebook

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Be Kind SG is a ground-up movement (GUM) that aims to promote Kindness and increase volunteerism through various Micro-volunteering opportunities. They organize volunteering activities and outreach to various marginalised communities such as adults and seniors with intellectual disabilities, and children and youths with special needs. Follow them on their SNS to find volunteering opportunities !

The Courage Fund by Community Chest

Link: &

The Courage Fund banner

The Courage Fund was first established in 2003 when Singapore was hit by the SARS outbreak. The fund aims to unite the community to support one another through this difficult pandemic by providing support and relief to vulnerable individuals and families, including healthcare workers, frontline workers and volunteers, affected by the COVID-19 situation.

The Courage Fund also have a COVID-19 Relief Schemes for dependents of those who have succumbed to COVID-19.

This marks the end of my list of 10, but really, the opportunity to do good doesn’t end here. If you are interested in donating cash to help the needy , check out this list of non-profits MoneySmart put together.

Feel free to share this post with anyone you think will benefit from the information shared here!