Last 9 days of Lockdown (Circuit breaker) – 9 Free Tropical Fruits Watercolour Clip Art

Today is the last 9 days of the Circuit Breaker in Singapore! It’s been 3 days since we started the #Last12daysofCB series on Artribuild and in case anybody is curious, yes, the whole “Twelves days of …” is inspired by the twelve days of Christmas. Tadar! Are you surprised? (no, I know nobody’s surprise, you can save your polite clap 😉 )

For the 9th day of this series, I sought inspiration directly from the popular Christmas carol . On the 9th day of the carol, Nine ladies were dancing.


I know, it makes so much sense right?

So I did some google-fu (google kungfu) and found out that the “Nine ladies dancing” were meant to represent the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit.

According to the website Howstuffworks …

One theory, however, connects the carol to the era when Catholicism was outlawed in England, from 1558 and 1829. The carol, it is said, was a catechism song for Catholics to learn “the tenets of their faith,” as they could not openly practice in Anglican society

The Christian faith believes the fruits of the Holy Spirit to be Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control. While those are awesome fruits to bear, I decided real tropical fruits might be more suitable for this series.

So after 6 gruelling (but fun!) hours of hunching frantically over the table, I finally finished this watercolour set.

The high resolution of the watercolour fruits have been uploaded and you are free to use it for non-profit purposes (educational, personal printing etc). To download the pictures, click on the download buttons below.

The fruits are divided into individual png files for efficient use of the file size. Each picture is 300dpi and roughly 4 – 9mb each.

If you prefer a lower resolution but still decently printable format, download the picture below.

Terms of use :

  • Free for personal use. You can use it on your personal social media or blogs and personal projects. Links back to this post or credits to Artribuild is not required but will definitely be much appreciated.
  • Not to be used in any commercial projects or purposes.
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