Last 8 Days of Lockdown (Circuit Breaker) – Chinese Paper Cutting Template

It’s day 8 of the #Last12daysofCB series! In case you are new here, we kickstarted a series of blog posts with resources to celebrate and countdown to the reopening of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker.

If you are reading this post far into the future, I might need to fill you in on the fact that we are in the middle of a global pandemic now. To counter the spread of the invisible virus, governments all over the world have no choice but to order everyone to stay home to minimise contact. Cities that were bustling and vibrant now look deserted and empty.

But Singapore’s lockdown (which our government have named “Circuit Breaker”) will be lifted on the 1st of June and we are all counting down to that date with anticipation.

Eight is a very special and auspicious number in the Chinese tradition as it’s pronunciation is similar to the words “prosper” and “expand”. Eight is commonly associated with good luck and is a sought after number. Some people even go to great length to purchase an auspicious number for their car plate or phone number.

To celebrate the last 8 day of lockdown and paying homage to my Chinese ancestry roots (though I’m not particularly superstitious myself) I designed a Chinese paper cutting (剪纸) template that features multiple symbols of Eights. Some of you might notice it is similar to a One dollar coin in Singapore.

A dollar coin in Singapore

The Dollar coin is the only coin in Singapore to feature a hexagon emboss around the edge and the story goes that it has something to do with Fengshui …

The one dollar coin is inscribed with an octagon, which looks like a Chinese Bagua. It seems that the Feng Shui masters in Singapore said that the construction of the MRT tunnels through downtown Singapore would have a negative effect on the country and her people. To counter this, they recommended that every household display a bagua to negate this. As there were many locals who did not adhere to this Chinese belief, the hexagon shaped design was incorporated into the one dollar coin.


Yes, it does indeed look very much like a Chinese Bagua and while we will never know the true reason behind it’s design oddity. I do appreciate the aesthetic beauty of it.

Today I share a relatively simple symmetry paper cutting template that everyone should be able to do at home with a simple scissor and paper. The lines are left to be fairly simple and meant for beginners.

The Chinese words within it means “Peace”. There are 8 inner circles, 8 characters and a 8 sided hexagon.

I designed 4 slightly different design and threw in a bonus rat design!

To cut the rat design though, you only need to fold the paper in half vertically.

Below are some simple instructions on how to do paper cutting and use the template! Feel free to modify the design and add in any sheebangz if you so desire!

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