Last 7 Days of Lockdown (Circuit Breaker) – 7 Weekly Planners

Can you believe we are at the last 7 days of the Circuit Breaker?! Wow! Time really flew by for me as I spent every single day the past 6 days furiously churning out content for our #last12daysofCB series. I do hope you’ve found our content useful and entertaining by far.

For the 7th day of our #Last12daysofCB series – we are sharing 7 free weekly planners specially designed and made for this series.

Let me explain my thought process behind this. As the Hashtag #Last12daysofCB implies , it is heavily inspired by the “12 days of Christmas” Carol. In the song, the seventh day of the song talks about 7 swans swimming. I had initially thought of painting 7 swans but decidely to give it a miss. I brainstormed long and hard on what resource can be created in relation to the number 7 and realise, hey, there’s 7 days a week! Henceforth the idea to design a weekly planner was born!

I had initially thought the task today would be easy , after all, it’s just one planner right?


Yours truly decided that 1 planner was not exciting enough, so let’s multiply that by 7. Not only does that better echo and align with our series, it also made my life 7 times harder haha.

As promised, the 7 weekly planner can be downloaded below. All the background, watercolour washes, cactus and rose clip art have been created from scratch by Artribuild. Click on the image of each planner to download the PDF file.

Terms of use :

  • Free for personal use. You can use it on your personal social media or blogs and personal projects. Links back to this post or credits to Artribuild is not required but will definitely be much appreciated.
  • Not to be used in any commercial projects or purposes.
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