Last 6 Days of Lockdown (Circuit Breaker) – 6 Singapore Craft Business

It feels just like yesterday when we shared 11 Singaporean artists to follow for day 11th of our #Last12daysofCB haha.

The #Last12daysof CB is a series we started to anticipate and countdown to the reopening of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker. While everyone knows life as we know it has changed and the new normal will continue until a vaccine is widely distributed, let us all take a moment to relax and focus on the good in our lives. Let us do our part to diligently wash our hands, wear our masks and cheer each other on.

For the 6th day of this series, we focus on 6 Singaporean Crafters who have turned their hobby into their profession or sideline.

The amount of budding craft entrepreneurs in Singapore is astounding for our small landmass. Henceforth I am unable to focus on everyone but I’ve put together 6 interesting makers with 6 very different crafts and talents to share.



The brain behind Hadasity is Hadassah who sees herself as a life giving artist. The accessories made by her are an intricate blend of modernity and tradition with a tinge of bohemian.

Made from non-tarnish wires along with vintage brooches, beads, semi-precious stones and more. Hadascity’s accessories are like pieces of art and stories worn on a person. They are the perfect representation of what Singapore is – a sparkling fusion of the past and the present along with big splashes of Asian cultures . Hadascity also partners with ROWAN ( Rural Orphans, Widows, AIDS Network) so 10% of their revenue is donated to this cause.



Etgoeshibaeee’s illustrations and works are done by the mysterious artist – ET. As the name implies, the brand focus on all things Shiba Inu (a breed of Japanese hunting Dog) and is always drawn in a cute cartoon manner with bright colours.

The brand features a wide range of charms and accessories from pouches to keychain. They can often be seen setting up booths in local craft markets before the Circuit Breaker (which obviously doesn’t happen now) but if you would like to support them, they are also on Etsy and Stickr !


Despite the florals in the name, doesn’t actually sell flowers! They sell hand crafted and super beautiful candles instead! Yes, those bowls of flowers above are made of wax! Look at the details!

Flowermakers creates a range of handmade crafts from candles to charms and plaster diffusers. They do not currently have an e-commerce shop front but you can DM them to order via Instagram.



Quilledstudio creates some of the CUTEST miniature paper accessories I’ve ever seen! Every accessory in this store is uniquely handmade with paper , yes you’ve heard that right – paper! They have been coated with a waterproof sealer and boast to be very long lasting if well taken care of.

These unique handmade accessories are a god sent for someone who hates heavy weights on their ears or neck.



Craftroom is created by the artist Weiying. Her love for art and documenting people/ moments came together to form Craftroom. Through her art, she celebrates her customer’s birthdays and special moments with beautiful illustrated portraits and keepsakes.

Other than being open for illustrations commissions, Craftroom also provides other services such as Art Jams, Live Art and illustrations. While I’m not sure if business is as usual during this pandemic, craftroom is even open for rent if you need a cosy and conducive environment. Definitely DM her for the updated information.

Yume Patisserie


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Rustic wedding with just a little bit of restrain.

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I swear it took me SO LONG to find one picture to represent Yume Patisserie’s works – and one photo is just not enough. Yume Patisserie is a Singapore based Flower Cake Artist. Her cakes are lovingly adorned with edible flowers that are handmade. Confused?

The flowers that adorn her cakes are not real flowers but flowers made either out of gumpaste, buttercream, bean paste or wafer papers. Yes, every petal is an absolute piece of art! I would hate to eat them if I was a guest at any weddings that served these cakes!

The Yume Pastry Team’s dedication to the flowers is astounding and they continues to find new ways to improve and re-invent her cakes.

It’s inspiring to see all these Girl bosses and passionate makers kicking ass in the art & craft field in Singapore. Let us all keep calm and keep making. Remember to support local businesses!