Last 3 Days of Lock Down (Circuit Breaker) – 3 Floral Wreaths + Lettering

We are now at the last THREE DAYS OF Circuit Breaker Holy Moly! Can you believe it has been nearly two whole weeks since we started the #last12daysofCB series?

I honestly should’ve just named it #last12daysofCB Challenge instead of calling it a “series” because this entirely fortnight has seriously been a massive challenge of my patience, creativity and efficiency. As the idea for this series only came on the 12th and very first day of the series (talk about preparedness) , having to come up with ideas and execute it plus blog and do all the related Social Media posts in one day was nerve-wrecking to say the least.

I’m proud (and slightly surprised ) that I’ve managed to stay relatively on my game here. Even though I admit I miss my deadlines more often than not, but better done than never right?

I brainstormed for a long while what to do for the 3rd last day and my friend recommended I draw more sugary treats (check out the donuts colouring page I did on the 5th day!) . But eventually I returned to the Christmas carol that inspired this series.

According to google, the “three french hens” in the song was supposed to reflect the theological virtues of Christians – Faith, Hope and Charity.

So these floral wreaths were born.

I decided to share the clip art of the wreaths on transparent background so you can do more creative stuffs with it.

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