Last Day of Lockdown (Circuit Breaker) – 1 Kingfisher in a Mango Tree

It is finally time to end the lockdown (Circuit breaker) and bid good bye to May! I can hardly believe it but we have finally come t the end of our #last12daysocCB series too!

Like I’ve shared in my previous posts, it was a difficult ride *wipes sweat* . The content today took me almost 12 hour to complete and I’m really proud of myself for accomplishing what I set out to do.

I admit, I was feeling really drained and tired (the artist block omigosh!) and could hardly conjure up any inspiration for the topic today. I had serious doubts if I could draw a beautiful bird with my limited experience in painting the species. But I pushed through and kept going.

I brainstormed long and hard about the content to do today to bring Artribuild’s followers the best that I can while continuously pursuing new challenges. We’ve done line art and digital clip arts, we’ve done cute paper dolls with frontline heroes uniform and we’ve done watercolour clip arts. So what new resource can we offer this time?

And then I had an eureka moment – a repeating pattern!

I’ve always wanted to make a pattern so I was actually really excited to finally get the chance to do it!

Remember to leave me a comment and tell me what you think about this series !

Download the Pattern :

If you would like to download the repeating pattern, click on the download buttons below. The pattern is created to line up perfectly with the opposite side.

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