Free Cherry Blossom Stock Photos

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Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) is a common occurrence/ element in Japanese Animation and it is always such a romantic sight to behold. Cherry blossoms literally makes everything look better. 

I have always found it interesting that such a simple looking flower can draw such massive throngs and national interest. While Cherry blossoms actually have more than 500 varieties, the ones featured in this collection are mostly the Somei Yoshino type. Somei Yoshino blossoms are commonly found in the mainland of Japan and even South Korea because this type of variety tends to bloom before the leaves come out and can create the visage of a tree full of flowers – a particularly breath taking sight to behold!

Taken mostly in Japan, here are 25 photographs of the bloom with assorted background for your creative personal use. In this collection, there are 24 landscape photographs and 4 portraits.

This particular collection features mainly close up shots of the flower so as to give you a clearer view of the bloom itself. Great for a multitude of purposes such as digital wallpaper and art references.

Please be mindful of the usage purpose for these stock photographs. They are only available for personal creative purpose and not for any sort of commercial usage. You are not allowed to redistribute or resell them as they are.

I hope you enjoy the photographs and appreciate these beautiful blooms as much as I do. 

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